Upcoming Events 
Tuesday 19 December
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 19 December
11:15amLadies Get-together @ The Deli in Malvern Link
Wednesday 20 December
12:30pmMid-week Meeting @ Pete and Carol's
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New to Church?

Most people have an opinion about church - and that opinion is usually that church is boring, out of date and irrelevant for this day and age.  And yet nothing could be further than the truth.

At our church we believe that God wants to get involved in the lives of every person and that His message to mankind can be found in the Bible and in talking with Him every day. 

To help with this we use modern translations of the Bible (you would be surprised at just how 'modern' God's message is!) and we sing and play  music that is a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles.
Video featuring modern worship songs from Hillsongs Australia